Leveling up

So it’s been a while since my last blog.

That’s because I have been very busy. It is hard to explain how much has been going on since my last post. So instead, I will talk about where I am now heading to.

At the beginning of the year, I received a malediction. Since my 26th birthday, every time I take the plane, things go very wrong. On the 11th of February, I got stuck in a snowstorm and missed my flight return from Canada to France. I had to book another flight and stay an extra day in Montreal. So I called my old friend Maxime Philippe. He was very happy to have me over and we had a blast of a time. Maxime is a Montreal’s top audio engineer. He always has been a hero of mine and I was so happy to see his work from inside like this. So, on the next day, before leaving, we agreed to make an album together.

This might not sound like much to you. Not many musicians have their own album. And getting one done is hell. Maxime told me of a woman friend of his who works at a record company. And it is not rare that when woman talk about their first album they consider it harder than giving birth. The stress, the intensity, the horror of decomposing your work into fragments and inspect each one of them and make each note perfect, to then give it the right intention, intensity, feel. To put it back together and hear it. Realize how far you still are. Bring in other musicians. Fail hard and lose your money, your mind, your time, your energy while facing this cold and terrible mirror that projects back all your mistakes at you. It’s tough.

And today, the album is recorded. It’s not finished, it must still run through mixing and mastering. But that’s about 80 hours of work. Not a lot compared to the +500 hours of work we have behind. And I cannot believe how far we brought it.

The album is coming officially out on the 10th of October and the launch party will be at Porgy & Bess, the best renown Jazz Club in Vienna Austria. I made TShirts, posters, videos and there is more coming. I feel like this is the big step I have been working for many years now. And I wonder what will be next.

Maxime Philippe’s website : https://www.maximephilippe.com/