What you hate about the others is probably what’s special about you.

Let me get there, it takes two steps.

Step one

I somewhat have this conversation a lot with people as I am travelling. We talk about the beauties in the world and at a point they will ask me: What do you think about my home?

Of course, I love it! I actually love most places in the world. Now here is the funny part. Most people don’t like where they live and fantasize about somewhere else. Not that they don’t like it, they don’t like the people or the vibe or the feeling or… The people are too much like this or too little like that. They don’t have this they which more of this would happen.

We all live somewhere that could be better. Think of it, what do you hate about where you live and the people you share this place with? A lot might pop inside your head.

Step two

My girlfriend possesses an ability that I don’t. She is an incredibly good cleaner. I can clean for hours, she’ll get a better job done within a few minutes time. I approach the task very differently than she does. I put music on, I make myself some stuff to eat and drink because I know it is going to be very long. She does her magic.

If I highly appreciate her quality, my inability is quite annoying to her.


Have you ever thought that what is annoying you about the others is probably something you are more natural with? What is obvious to one might be oblivious to the other?

My first example would be in Sydney. I was on a train and a teenager was listening to his mp3 music way too loud. I came to him and told him he shouldn’t listen to his music that loud if he didn’t want to damage his ears for ever. The boy was looking at me like I showed him the moon. I ended up explaining to him how listening to his music so loud would make him death. We both gained from this experience I remember it fondly.

Second example would be in Vienna Austria. I had the conversation not long ago. The guy was asking me I don’t like it here people are so negative. I said: Yeah I like that! I am a positive person so usually I get to feel my positive energy as it reaches the others. I feel that my positivity has a great value here and it makes me feel good to be able to help by simply smiling.

Third example will be in Nouméa New Caledonia. I was walking no the beach and sotted a bottle of plastic. I changed my course and picked it up then threw it in the trash. Behind me, a woman did the same.


Being able to recognize what you don’t like around you is normal and even healthy. It helps define who you are. But now, instead of being submissive to what you dislike/disapprove of. Stay focus on being different and on impersonating the change you’d wish to see.

As you see what you dislike, oppose yourself to it. Trashes around? Pick it up. People are negative? Be positive. People are doing it wrong? Explain them calmly without patronizing. You will discover who you are and show to other people a different example. You have no idea how those little actions are what make the daily life.

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