First I Tried To Market Myself On The Internet, I Quickly Changed My Mind.

Stay off the Internet

At the beginning of my career, I’d give way to much importance to marketing myself on Internet. Trying to make myself look better than I actually was through over-thought posts and pictures and whatever might attract the clicker. To be honest, after a year, I only barely had 300 likes on my page and thought it was a big loss of time. So instead of spending time on my “marketing” I decided to do more of what I wanted to market. You want to be known as a photographer? Photograph more! You want to be a dancer? Dance more! Stop to try to tell everybody what you do and do more of it instead. People will notice you while you are doing it. You’ll know you are doing good when THEY start to make posts about you.

After a while you’ll have met people in real life who have real interest in what you are doing and who will be much keener to help you progress than any of the hundreds or thousands of people who gave you their like. On top of that, you’ll be actually better at what you are doing. And after some while, people will be making posts about you which is free and way more efficient than anything you could accomplish by yourself. They will share it with their friends and so on. You’ll reach people without ever trying. And one day, people will recognize you. Now they won’t think: “Ha that’s him!” but because they will have seen you somewhere they will be more likely to trust you and your abilities. When I come back to a busking spot I haven’t busked in a while. People don’t recognize me as: Ho you were here before! But they are still a lot less defiant and usually come to talk because they get this familiar feeling. Of course I am familiar, I was here!

This is not marketing. This is doing your job. And this actually feels much better than any like.