Article 3 – Picaro anecdotes

Some Picaro Stories 1

Being a musician, some things kinda happen to you. I am really bad at keeping track of those events for most of them feel surreal. Also, most of them do not feel so weird for much weirder happens all the time. It’s hard to pick and chose. Here comes my first go:

Pee like nobody’s watching:

During Summer 2015 in Vienna, I was busking in the middle of the day on the Mariahilferstraße near Zieglergasse. At a point, I spot a man in the middle of the road. I thought of him as: Han?

It took me a few seconds to realize that in the middle of thousands of pedestrians this man was urinating. Not in a corner but in the middle of the place. The guy was peeing in the middle of the street and nobody but the busker seemed to even notice for the scene was surreal.

The Lesbian Punch Party:

It was during my very first weeks of busking in Sydney. I was invited to a bunch of girls apartment in Kingsfort. I’d never met them before but I accepted for they would pay. They were really lovely. We drank together as I was playing songs after songs. And at a point, for no reason I could figure, four of them started to fight. Throwing punches at each others, crawling on the flour, hitting each others quite hard. I didn’t know if I was supposed to stop playing music or go to some rock music while pouring on the mess. The two girls who were not fighting were just like: Yeah! They do that.

The Homesick Birthday Man:

In Vienna, in front of the Karlskirche, I encountered a Romanian man. He stopped by the music, listened and then asked me for a birthday song. I never learned happy birthday and at this point I am too lazy to bother. However, I talked him into Don’t Worry, Be Happy. He was delighted. We kept talking. He told me he was 50 years old and had to be alone in Vienna while his family was in Romania. He missed them so much. I offered him a beer at the bar next door.

The Police Toulouse Love Affaire:

Policemen in Europe are just the worst for buskers. They chase us down like beggars. Toulouse is the same in that sense. I was playing in one of the touristic streets in Toulouse. After a bit quite a few people would have gathered. The shops seemed really happy. Things were really going smooth. It was a nice busking session. Suddenly, four police officers showed up. They started with usual questioning.

French people still have this amazing solidarity against institution. I never even got to give my name that people were gathering around me and yelling at the police. Telling them words and to go bother someone else. The people from the shops were telling them to go away.

This might sound like a heartwarming vision of solidarity, a good thing for me but it is not. When police shows up, low profile and quick exit are best. Now the police was getting nervous and if they had to throw someone at the back of their truck with a heavy fine, it would be me. As the crowd grew bigger, the police started to freak out. They told me to stop the mess or I would get trouble for organizing a riot against them. I was already packing but the crowd pushed me not to. I was in a bad position.

But the chef officer was still cool. He did not panic. On the contrary, he was calmly arguing with a woman. She was calling him a monster for attacking a young kid like me. He said:

– It your point of view, I have mine.

– Well I’d like to hear what kind of stupid point of view you have! she said

At this point, the crowd stopped to listen to the police officer’s answer

– Sure, but not in uniform. I finish at 7 would that suits you?

The situation flipped completely. From my arrest to a random flirt. Everybody seemed happy with this ending. The police officer and the lady exchanged numbers in front of everyone. Everybody went their own way.

I was shocked. Love really is stronger than one’d simply imagine.

Here you go! They will be more coming.

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  1. Haha! Thanks my friend! I am already working on the next stories. On the program: Australia, Thailand, Serbia and Canada.

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